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A leader in tools for the glass industry

Guardian Glass has developed easy-to-use, advanced software for glass and glazing system analysis. Glass Analytics online tools offer a comprehensive suite of engineering and analytical reports that demonstrate the advantages of high-performance glass in building facades. Read more about the tools below, or register and start using Glass Analytics now.

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Performance Calculator

The Performance Calculator simplifies creation of glass makeups through a point-and-click, web-based interface. Use the calculator to model the thermal and optical properties for glass makeups ranging from monolithic uncoated glass to highly complex combinations of float glass substrates, coatings and interlayers. Then easily create client-ready reports comparing glass options.

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Guardian Glass Visualizer

The Guardian Glass Visualizer dynamically generates photo-realistic images of both exterior and interior glazing views. It allows the user to evaluate the aesthetic properties of virtually any glass makeup. Just choose the glass you want to visualize, select the building and perspective that suits you, and watch how various sky conditions affect the appearance of the glass.

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Building Energy Calculator

The Building Energy Calculator uses the makeups created in the Performance Calculator to compare energy cost, consumption and financial payback information. This schematic design tool makes calculations based on hourly simulations of glazing options, building parameters and project location. The Building Energy Calculator can be used to compare annual energy costs for a variety of climate zones and 63 different cities across North America.

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Guardian BIM Generator

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) Generator applies science and cutting-edge expertise from the world of architecture and high-performance glass. Designers, glazing contractors and industry professionals can maximize the power of appearance and performance, streamlining workflow. Construction engineers can request project-specific custom content for curtain wall panels or window-based generic modeling.

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Guardian Sustainability Calculator

Evaluate environmental performance attributes of Guardian Glass products with the Guardian Sustainability Calculator. This easy-to-use digital program helps users see how Guardian glazing makeups can help a project earn certification from green building rating systems such as LEED®, the Living Building Challenge and the WELL Building Standard.

Acoustic Assistant

The Guardian Acoustic Assistant is a tool to estimate acoustic performance of different types of glazing. User's have the option to estimate the acoutic performance of glazing, find glazing solutions for an acoustic performance, or directly access/view the acoustic performance table.